A word about fees...

My basic fee for all weddings is $400.00.

This includes a preliminary conversation with the couple, rehearsal, and the ceremony. Travel within one hundred miles of Groveland, California is included.


Additional Costs


If the wedding site requires travel of over one hundred miles, please contact me to discuss costs.


I have officiated at weddings all over California, and in many other states,

so donít hesitate to ask!

Basic Fee

Phone:† 209-962-5142†† Groveland, CA

Fax:††††† 209-962-5148†† Groveland, CA

††††††††††† or

Phone:† 510-799-6826†† Bay Area, CA

Fax:††††† 510-799-6825†† Bay Area, CA

PO Box 1048

Groveland, CA 95321-1048

To contact me:

E-mail: ††††††††††† michael-ireland@att.net

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Rev. Michael g. Ireland, Minister

Your Wedding, Your Way